Working near property boundaries

If you or your neighbour are planning any work along or near a property boundary, you’ll need to know about the Party Wall Act of 1996.

It’s an important piece of legislation to consider alongside planning permission and building regulations.

In this case we’re talking about regulating the relationship between neighbouring property owners when certain types of work are being carried out.

If you’re carrying out work that could affect the structural strength or support of a party wall or cause damage on the neighbour’s side, then you need to ensure compliance.

If you’re the neighbour that’s going to be affected, you’ll want to know that work is compliant too.

We can help you on both accounts. As your surveyor we’ll help you agree the state of the neighbouring property before work starts and prepare a Party Wall Award that documents exactly what work will be done, along with the important details of working restrictions, limitations and recourse actions if damage is caused during work.

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