Propitas Charging Ahead with Sustainability

Since the new year and our successful partnership with the Octopus EV Scheme, our Crawley office have taken the Carbon Footprint “Bull by the Horns” and now operate on a fleet of Teslas. Helping to reduce the overall footprint of our business to a greater extent. “Our transition to electric vehicles is a significant step in our broader sustainability strategy,” said Lori Clarke, Director of Propitas, “By embracing clean energy transport, we aim to lead by example and inspire other companies in our industry to take similar action.”

The initiative has already garnered positive reactions from both employees and industry partners. Mathew Ward, an Associate at Propitas, expressed his enthusiasm: “Switching to an electric car has been a game-changer for me. It’s not just about the environmental benefits; the cost savings and convenience of charging at work have made the transition incredibly smooth.”

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