Building 1000 comprises a 275,000 sq ft office complex, which forms part of the Lakeside North Harbour development, a flagship site under the management of our client.

Built in 1976 and being in an exposed coastal location, the pre-cast concrete cladding panels to the property were known to contain high levels of chlorides, which given the property’s position, was a concern in terms of their affect on the metal reinforcement.

Having initially walked the site with our client, we developed a brief and strategy, and undertook a visual survey of each panel, to assess their current condition.

We subsequently logged each panel on a drawing and identified where immediate repairs were required to panels and associated components. We critiqued historic testing reports and co-ordinated our own maintenance strategy to take account of all the information to hand, suggesting the best way to approach the proactive maintenance of the building’s envelope.


From the broad brief given by the client, we developed a reporting process and gave strategy advice to present the client with all of the facts and costs, to enable them to budget and make an informed decision as to how to approach the proactive maintenance required in order to preserve the asset.

Our overall commercial appreciation of how this may impact on the service charge meant that we were able to prioritise works to smooth future expenditure as much as possible, without compromising the integrity of the building.



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